Discover Wonderment and the Soothing Touch of Water

Alder Farm, Lewdown, Devon

Float on a Lilypod

Discover Wonderment and the Soothing Touch of Water

Dive deep into elegance, innovation and connection at Lilypod. We’ve taken unusual escapes out of the woods and onto the water.
There is only one place to anchor yourself in soul-soothing, tranquil, hand-built and ecologically sensitive floating luxury.

Low carbon,floating sanctuary

Powered bythe sun

Hewn from local Devonian timber

the walk to Kingfisher -unique stays Devon

In a world filled with connections online - we have somehow become less connected and less fulfilled than ever before.

At Lilypod, we allow you to escape the noise of life. Become the person underneath your digital identity. Float in your luxe hand-built sanctuary, nestled on a stunning lake in Devon.
Learn again what it is to love freely, feel at peace and reconnect with each other - without distraction or inhibition.

Our Floating Sanctuarys

Exquisite Guest Stories - Sink into the Lilypod Experience

Lilypods float gently allowing you to really experience the beautiful land and waterscape.

Where to Find Our Waterscape…

Hushed away on a lake in Devon, just over the border from Cornwall, is one of the UK’s most idyllic places for a romantic getaway. You’ll find Lilypods floating on a secluded corner of this spectacular countryside.


If you decide to venture from your pod (we understand if the breathtaking wonder of Lilypod keeps you firmly on the water), you can while away time and wander wild open moorland, rich forests and golden beaches; all within a 30-minute drive. We boast a vineyard next door, award-winning pubs, historic houses and unique towns to delight and enchant you. 


Whether your passion is for food, rambling, the sea, wildlife or riding the waves, it’s all right here waiting for you.

Local to Lilypod

Our favourite places & things to do when staying with us to ensure you have a unique stay in Devon.

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