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"We believe in a world where we can soak in luxury, rest in awe and wonder,
whilst being gentle with our world."

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Hello, I’m Kyle, the creator of Lilypod and Jenny, my wife, the rock behind our vision.


I’m a water baby. By that I mean I love the sea, streams and rivers- the connection they bring, both physically and emotionally. 


I spent years travelling and working as a scuba instructor, the more off-beat and remote the better. My time in a little-known floating-on-water village in Indonesia had a profound impact on my life, a feeling hard to shake. It was a place where you are born, live and die, connected to the  simple life-giving way of water.


In 2017, glamping was starting to make a mark for itself in UK tourism. The concept of camping, getting close to nature without compromising on luxury, comfort or the environment, ignited something in me. I saw my creativity, design skills and love of the natural world align. A few conversations with Jenny later, and I was drawing on my love of architecture, ancient crafts and our home in Devon, to create Lilypod. 


In 2021, four years after we first started to dream – our stars aligned, and we got permission to float Lilypod on the old quarry where you find her today. 


A naturally reclaimed lime quarry from the 1800s… at its deepest, it reaches down to depths of 30m, fed by a waterfall into the lake and a stream out, aerating the water. With an abundant eco-system, it’s a guilt-free haven to rest in a luxurious experience, yet your footprint is negligible and your heart light.


We believe in a world where we can soak in luxury, rest in awe and wonder, whilst being gentle with our world. 


Are you ready to step into wonderment?


2 guests  | 1 bedroom  | 1 bathroom


2 guests  | 1 bedroom  | 1 bathroom

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