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Below are the main guides on how to use your new website. If you have any questions or need any extra help please don’t hesitate to email

How to edit the content on my website pages

How to create and publish a blog post

How to use rankmath to optimise your blog content for SEO

How to edit the content on my website pages

  1. From the dashboard hover over pages then select “All pages”

  2. Then from the list of pages hit the “edit” on the page you’d like to make changes on.

  3. Now you’ve opened the page details press the blue “Edit with Elementor” button

  4. This will open the visual page editor where you can now scroll down and press on any content area of the page to make text changes.
  5. For example, clicking on the text under the homepage title will open a panel on the left where you can change this text. Shown below

  6. This same system can be used to change the content of most elements on the page but just be aware that different sections may show a slightly different form on the left panel but it should be quite logical what edits which bit of content. 
  7. Then just hit the green update button at the bottom of the left editing panel when your done making a change to set it live on the site.
  8. If you ever get stuck doing this please do just email on and I can help make the change for you. And if you’re wanting to change an image I’d recommend you email it over to me so I can make sure it’s sized correctly for where you’d like it putting on the site. 

How to create + publish a blog post

  1. From the dashboard hover over posts and select add new.

  2. Then click on the title input box and type in your blog title

  3. It’s good practice for SEO to start the blog content with a subheading which includes your target key words. Press the plus next to “text / to choose a block” and select heading.
  4. Make sure you add a H2 heading as this ensures it is formatted correctly
  5. Now use the same plus button and select paragraph. This creates a standard text area for you to now add/write the main text content of your blog. 
  6. If you want to add an image within the text you are creating you can use the plus icon to add in an image block (where you can upload an image or select one from the sites image library) 
  7. You will then need to use the plus button again to add another paragraph section to continue adding text content after your image. 
  8. Once you have built the main body content of your blog its time to add your feature image (This is the main image shown at the top of the blog) Image size recommended to be 1080px x 800px. Add this on the right column of options  (make sure post is selected at the top to show the feature image section)
  9. Click on “set feature image” you can now upload a new image or select one from the websites media library 
  10. Once you’ve added the feature image you can also assign any relevant blog categories (you can also create new categories here) in the same right column of options.
  11. Now you have built the main content of your blog post, you can now view how your blog post will look on the site. Use the preview button at the top of the right column and then select “preview in new tab” this will load up the final blog post in a new tab for you to preview
  12. If you want to make any changes you can then make any adjustments needed in the wordpress editor. 
  13. When your happy with the blog hit “Publish” at the top of the right column of options to put the blog live on the site. 

How to use Rankmath to optimise your blog content for SEO

  1. On your blog post click on the rankmath SEO rating shown at the top of the right column of options 
  2. Then type in your focus key word for the content and hit enter.
  3. Rank math will the update its SEO score of how well the content is optimised for your chosen focus keyword
  4. Below this box will be all the recommended changes you need to try to make so your content will rank better for your keyword
  5. You want to try to make as many of the changes as you can to your content to get your rank math score above 70/100. The rank math recommendations will live update as you make changes so you can see the progress you’re making. 
  6. Rank math has lots of helpful tooltips on its recommendations to explain how to make the changes but if you need any help understanding them or how to make certain changes drop me an email  –


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